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The Bluster of a Windbag

By Sharon M. Kennedy    
    According to that totally unreliable source, Wikipedia, the definition of a “windbag” is a person who talks a lot but says very little of substance. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but if that isn’t the epitome of the new “president” I don’t know what is. I forced myself to listen to a review of sound bites from the 2016 primary and compared them to what the Trumpster is saying today. The difference is, predictably, black and white.

    Since the swearing in of the charlatan who will occupy the White House for the next four years falls two days prior to the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I thought it appropriate to remind folks what The Donald promised. Remember the graphic description he gave of partial birth abortion during the last debate? Remember how you felt as you visualized the horror of the procedure? I felt the same way.

    You see, not all donkeys favor killing the unborn. What amazes and confounds me is the elephants’ rhetoric and their inability to deliver. I recall a number of people who inhabited the Oval Office, Senate, and House of Representatives who were of the red persuasion. Although they had the power and the numbers, apparently they didn’t have the stomach or brains to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade. And let’s not forget that Mr. Nixon was at our nation’s helm in 1973, and five of the Justices voting in favor of the decision were Republicans.

    But in 2016, along comes a name-calling, swashbuckling, fraudster who hypnotizes God-fearing folks into believing he will make legalized killing of unborn babies illegal. At least that’s what he promised in his speeches. Christains jumped on the “Trump is our Savior” bus, an anomaly that baffles me on two major counts. One, Trump is not Jesus. Two, where are the preachers?

    For many years I’ve believed if preachers were doing their job nobody would have to repeal a High Court ruling because nobody would take advantage of it. Countless “feel good” motivational preachers flood the airwaves with their messages of prosperity. Perhaps if they put more emphasis on the commandments, females would realize life begins at conception and no one has a moral right to take that life.   
    Hope is not in a phony politician who tricked you into believing he’s a man of integrity. Hope is not in your Sunday morning preacher who’s afraid to take a stand against abortion for fear of losing his flock. Hope is not in Planned Parenthood. Hope is in each individual who takes the time to talk to a frightened girl or distraught woman about her decision to end the life growing within her.

    If you drank from Donald’s cup and you’re beginning to taste something bitter, don’t worry. You were fooled, but you’re not a fool, so get busy. Do your part and reach out in love to a gentle soul who finds herself in a difficult situation. Trump’s not going to do it for you.
    Kennedy is a freelance writer who resides in Brimley.


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