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Credit card skimmers still a problem across the state

June 19, 2017

Credit card skimmers are still being found in Michigan more than two years after the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development found the state’s first skimmer in the Grand Rapids area in 2015. 

“In the last few weeks – primarily on a Friday – we’ve found five new credit card skimmers. Consumers should be extra cautious as we gear up for the summer tourism season,” said Jamie Clover Adams, MDARD Director. “Looking for, and removing, skimmers at the 4,691 gas stations located across Michigan is now part of the standard inspection process. We are committed to doing our part to protect consumers from fraud.” 

Credit card skimmers, which can’t be seen from outside the pump, can be installed in seconds. Criminals use keys to open the pumps quickly, insert the skimmers, and then leave. The skimmers copy the consumer’s card information for criminals to make fraudulent purchases.

Local, state and federal regulators, MDARD’s Weights and Measures inspectors, various law enforcement agencies, and gas station owners continue to be on the lookout as part of the ongoing efforts to crack down on consumer credit card information being hacked by skimmers.

“Some steps station owners can take, and have taken, to protect their patrons from cyber-criminals are changing locks, using tamper-proof security tape, and security cameras. MDARD is also encouraging station owners to increase the frequency of their regular dispenser inspections,” added Clover Adams.  

Consumers are being encouraged to monitor their banks and credit card accounts. If a consumer sees a charge they didn’t make or looks erroneous, they should immediately contact their banking institution.

Want to know how inspectors look for credit card skimmers? Watch the video here:

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