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Washout blocks path to Crisp Point Lighthouse

April 21, 2017

If you were planning a trip to Crisp Point Lighthouse anytime soon this spring, it appears your plans will have to wait. According to Rick Brockway, president of the Crisp Point Lighthouse Historical Society, the road, Luce County Road 412, has washed out 3.5 miles from the lighthouse.

Brockway informed the Luce County Road Commission via email, which has placed a barricade up at the site.

This isn’t the first time Mother Nature has barricaded the way into the rural area. In 2014, the lighthouse had to open later than planned due to a washout at that time.


According to Brockway, the washout is located just after a hairpin turn to the left on Three Mile Creek, and if not paying attention,  someone could be in the hole before they even knew what happened. He encountered it himself last weekend while attempting to reach the lighthouse.

“With spring in the air and people getting out to explore, I wanted to get the word out about this dangerous situation to as many people as I could before something serious happened,” said Brockway.

Department of Natural Resources staff were made aware of the situation, but as of press time they were still looking into the matter. This is also the location of  snowmobile trail #8.


Until repairs are complete, the lighthouse will not be accessible.

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