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Michigan Office of Child Support launches free online child support calculator

April 6, 2017

LANSING – Parents now can calculate child support payments using a new online tool.


The Office of Child Support within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services developed the public calculator. The calculator, which previously has been used by child support staff, is now available to parents, attorneys, judges, court referees and others.


“By making this calculator accessible to the public, the Michigan child support program is allowing parents and others to gain a better understanding of how child support is calculated in Michigan,” said Erin Frisch, director of the Office of Child Support. “This will strengthen customer self-service and help us deliver consistent and innovative services so that children can receive the support they need and deserve.”


Public users will obtain the same results as those obtained by child support staff, as long as they input the same information. People may be interested in using the public calculator if they want to:

  • Calculate a possible monthly support amount without the need to open a child support case or order.

  • Calculate child support prior to requesting a review and modification of a current child support order.

  • Compare results provided to them by child support staff.

  • Agree to a fair support amount with the other parent based on the Michigan Child Support Formula.


Michigan's child support program partners with Friend of the Court and prosecuting attorney offices to establish, collect and enforce child support obligations. Child support staff calculate support obligations for recommendations to the court and for order entry using the Michigan Child Support Formula that considers parents’ income and other factors.


Anyone may access the public calculator through the MiChildSupport portal at

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