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Cloverland Electric Update

March 8, 2017   4: 30 pm.

Numbers continue to come down and homes are heating up as electricity is being restored.  Approximately 800 services still off. Crews will continue to work again tonight as long as possible to restore as many services as they can. Some services may not be restored until tomorrow. Members with medical life support equipment or without heating equipment may need to make alternate plans for tonight to relocate to a location that does have electricity. If you have not called the co-op today to report an outage, please call 800-562-4953.


Employees are not able to pinpoint the exact time electricity will be restored at any one location, so multiple phone calls are not necessary. Once the outage has been reported, your patience is appreciated as crews are working as quickly as the conditions will allow.

The U.P. was just one area impacted by a wall of weather that blew across the Midwest.

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