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The Wrecking Ball Invades Washington

By Sharon M. Kennedy
    By the time you read this, the Trumpster will have been in office for one month. A few weeks ago, I wrote that he wasn’t keeping his campaign promises because he reneged on Mexico “paying” for the wall, and he hadn’t done anything at the federal level to overturn Roe v. Wade.  My last opinion was written before the Wrecking Ball was sworn in. Since Jan. 20, the amount of national unrest he has caused and his total lack of international diplomacy has been nothing short of mindboggling.

    Some readers will applaud The Donald for keeping his word on certain issues. He did temporarily slam the door on refugees and Visa holders entering the U.S. He did poke a sharp stick at Iran and insulted the heads of state of Australia, Germany, and Mexico. On the plus side, despite his admiration of Putin, Trump did allow his appointed ambassador to the U.N. to criticize Russia’s invasion of Crimea.

    As I write this, the leader of the free world has been in the oval office for 19 days and has caused more havoc and social unrest than any other president in recent history. Trump’s frantic attempt at reassuring his spellbound followers he will “Make America Great Again” makes him appear unstable and obviously ill-prepared for the job. He jumps from one agenda item to another without considering the consequences of his lightning fast decisions. Just look at the mess his “no fly” order caused.

    And by constantly referring to crowd size, media bias, and television ratings, he diminishes in stature as a statesman and looks more like a spoiled brat than a responsible adult. The future of America rests on his ample shoulders. If he calms down, takes a handful of Xanax, and listens to people with more experience and expertise, he might survive another six months. If not, the First Lady has every right and responsibility to commit him to a mental institution for observation and diagnosis. The man is not thinking clearly. He’s a kid in a giant candy store, gorging himself on every sweet he can find. He’s an unhinged authoritarian, a self-appointed dictator, a fascist, a power-hungry egomaniac, a delusional borderline madman who will bring our country to the brink of World War III or to the greatest prosperity ever known.

    Only time will tell what the future holds. For the sake of everyone, I hope someone slaps some sense into him. He cannot run the government as if it were his personal corporation. Saying “You’re Fired” makes for entertaining television, but it might not fly too well in Washington. Firing for ratings is one thing. Firing competent experts because they disagree with him is quite another.

     It takes a wise person to know the difference.

    Kennedy is a freelance writer who resides in Brimley.


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