Michigan Tribal Colleges Join Michigan Community College Association

Sept. 12, 2022

Four Seasons Market partners with local farms

July 30, 2022

Blueberry maps released by Hiawatha National Forest Service

Summer has come to the Hiawatha National Forest, bringing with it the promise of another blueberry season! Blueberries provide food for wildlife as well as for humans, so whether you’re a black bear or a human, you’ll be glad to know that you can predict where to find berries based on recent forest management activities. How? Let’s look at the basics of wild blueberry cultivation.

Soo Theatre to perform The Sound of Music

Soo Theatre is pleased to announce The Sound of Music, opening next Wednesday, June 22.

Tickets are on sale now at the Soo Theatre office Monday - Friday, 12- to 5 p..m by stopping in or calling (906) 632-1930.  Tickets are also available on their website at:  Shows Archives - The Soo Theatre Project, Inc.

No Body Contact Advisory issued for areas around Sugar Island

June 10, 2022

Due to a recent release of oil at Algoma Steel, in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the Chippewa County Health Department has issued a No Body Contact Advisory for the following areas of Sugar Island:


Sugar Island’s North Shore Area, from West Shore Dr., north of 1 ½ Mile Rd., along Northshore Dr., and along E. Village Rd.


People are advised to avoid body contact with surface waters in the above area.  


  • Do not wade or swim in this area of the St. Mary’s River.

  • Do not allow pets to wade or swim in, or drink water from the river.

  • If you have a surface-water intake of river water that supplies water to your home, do not drink this water and do not use this water for body contact.


If you do have body contact with the river water, wash the affected area with soap and clean water.  


It is not expected that well water has been contaminated.  If the top of your well is underwater from river water, do not use the well for a drinking water source and contact the health department.


Additional monitoring of the area will be conducted.  Additional information about areas affected will be posted as it becomes available.


The Health Department will notify the public when this advisory has been lifted.


Please contact Suzanne Lieurance at the Chippewa County Health Department if you have questions regarding this advisory, at (906) 635-3622.

Bay Mills Boys & Girls Club awarded grant funds for building construction 

June 10, 2022

BAY MILLS — Economic development continues in Bay Mills, this time with a project geared toward local youth. 


The Bay Mills Boys & Girls Club received another round of grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Community Development Block Grant Program for Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages. The funds will allow the club to construct additional square footage on the new club building, which is scheduled to open later this month. 


The BGC received $700k in grant funds, which will add 1800 square feet for programming purposes. Construction on the addition will begin Spring of 2023. BMIC will fund a portion of the project, contributing approximately $85k, with $20,000 cash amount from the Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills with CCDF funds and $64,885 in-kind from BMIC General Revenue and Internal Service personnel.


According to Club Director Sandra Walden, the club has grown exponentially over the last two years and the much needed space will allow continued growth. The programs have been so popular the club has temporarily capped their summer membership enrollment and begun a waiting list, although this does not apply to teen activities.


The BGC offers tutoring, after-school programming,  and summer activities to 200 youth each year. Membership is open to local youth ages 5-18 years old.


“The Boys and Girls Club is a vital component of our community, serving many families and youth in various capacities,” said Tara Parrish, grant writer for Bay Mills Indian Community. “This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without all the talented members of our team. We look forward to all the great things Club will be able to do with this expansion. I am so proud of all the hard work that was put into this project. We have incredible things coming ahead.” 


The BGC currently operates three sites — Brimley Area Schools, Bay Mills Club, and Sault Ste. Marie (CAMP), employing 31 individuals in total. 


Anyone interested in learning more about the BGC or who would like to be placed on the summer waiting list can  contact Jennalee at 906-248-8577 or jsomes@baymills.org.

BMIC enters agreement to manage operations at Point Iroquois Lighthouse

June 7, 2022

BAY MILLS — After years of discussion, a partnership between Bay Mills Indian Community and the US Forest Service has come to fruition. BMIC  has entered into an interpretive agreement, which will empower Bay Mills to oversee the operations at Point Iroquois Lighthouse in Brimley, on the shores of Lake Superior.

The Bay Mills Executive Council reviewed and approved the agreement in 2020, but when the pandemic hit, plans were put on hold.
Finally, this summer, Bay Mills will open the lighthouse on June 15 and museum under the lead of Museum Director Candice LeBlanc. 

“The area surrounding Point Iroquois Lighthouse has rich cultural and historical significance to the Anishinaabe. Recently, the museum has focused on maritime history and the way of life of a 1950s lighthouse caretaker. This collaboration means the Bay Mills Indian Community can tell its story and share Anishinaabe history, cultural information and artifacts at the lighthouse,” said Kari Thompson, Recreation Program manager for the East Zone of Hiawatha National Forest. “The US Forest Service looks forward to furthering its relationship with Bay Mills Indian Community through this partnership.”

The tribe looks forward to bringing Native history and perspective to the highly trafficked historical area, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. The lighthouse is named after the 1662 battle between the local Anishinaabe from Bay Mills and an invading Iroquois war party. The battle halted westward expansion with a Bay Mills victory.
On average, nearly 40,000 people make a stop at the lighthouse. Visitors often marvel at the lighthouse itself, unaware of the rich history behind the structure and the land. Bay Mills hopes to enrich and educate visitors to the area about Pt. Iroquois’ historical prominence.

“The hope for Bay Mills’ partnership with the US Forest Service in managing Pt. Iroquois Light house is to create an inclusive and welcoming space, which allows for visitors to learn of the connections of the past to our people’s present and the importance of the connection between the land, our community, and Anishinaabe culture,” said LeBlanc. “The vision is to create and build a place of learning, connection, and appreciation for Anishinaabe people and Bay Mills Indian Community.”

The museum hours will be 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday. There will be live exhibitions scheduled throughout the summer, including Lacrosse, black ash basket and pottery making. LeBlanc is also building a list of community volunteers of people to visit with travelers and tend to the grounds. She can be reached via e-mail at cmleblanc@baymills.org.

Bay Mills Health Center needs your input

BMHC is conducting a patient satisfaction survey. The results will be used to measure how well they are doing in providing you with health care services. You can share your thoughts by visiting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2V5VGHF

Free Radon Test Kits Available to BMIC residents

During the winter, many people spend 90% of their time indoors. Radon is a harmful colorless and odorless gas that is present in 1 of every 4 homes in Michigan. Free radon test kits are available at the Tribal Administration office. Winter is the best time to test your home for radon. Learn more : https://www.epa.gov/.../2016_a_citizens_guide_to_radon.pdf

BMIC MASK MANDATE is no longer in effect as of March 1.

MSU Extension Children and Youth Institute (CYI) is seeking candidates for an Extension Education, 4-H Healthy Living Emotional Wellness.  This position provides local as well as statewide leadership and educational programming expertise in healthy living and emotional wellness education. This position will have statewide responsibilities and will collaborate across work teams, Institutes, and community groups, working with faculty, specialists, and educators for overall advancement of the needs of the Institute and MSUE clientele.  Please visit careers.msu.edu and search for posting #817287 to learn how you can become the next SPARTAN WHO WILL! MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer.

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